The Versa Difference

Benvenuti! Welcome to the Versa Difference.

Vero pour our hearts into our Negronis. Aside from our passion for crafting superior cocktails, what makes Vero stand apart from other pre-batched and bottled drinks?

Our Italian heritage.

The concept of aperitivo is a near-sacred way of life for Italians. And we believe the Negroni, with its bitter backbone and appetite-inducing allure, is the ideal drink for aperitivo hour. To honour our heritage, we take as much care with every Versa Negroni that we make for you as we would devote to the aperitifs we fix daily in our own homes. This makes for a seriously good tipple; just one sip and you’ll feel like you’re summering on Lake Como or strolling along the Via del Corso.

Versa make fine cocktails…

The secret to our cocktail recipe is no secret at all. No added colours. No added preservatives. No added sweeteners. And strictly no watering down. We choose only bold, real ingredients that are world class for our drinks and nothing else. An elegant balancing act between Campari, Cinzano Rosso Vermouth and hand-selected gin ensures that our Negronis meet the same exacting standards as one stirred by the most meticulous of Milanese bartenders.

…but not fast cocktails.

Our bottles are generously proportioned; you’ll savour around nine cocktails in each one. So - though Versa Negronis are “fast” in that they will certainly save you otherwise-wasted time in the kitchen – we intend for you to share and sip them slowly while relaxing alongside your favoured friends and family. Enjoying the simple pleasures of Versa is virtually effortless. Tumble in a hefty cube or two of fresh ice and perhaps a little citrus peel to garnish and you’re all set. There’s no need to rush. Our bottled cocktails will happily last for over a year nestled in your drink cart or taking pride of place among the essentials in your home bar.

We’re Australian made.

Versa proudly make all of our bottled Negronis in Australia, in the nation’s cocktail capital of Melbourne. Whether you are a long-time Negroni convert or are curious about trying this iconic cocktail for the very first time, you should expect a sublime experience on each and every occasion. We’ll deliver that experience to you no matter where you are around the country. You might also be lucky enough to find our wares at an ever-growing list of neighbourhood bottle shops.